Cloud POS software for your retail store

A powerful cloud-based POS to sell your products in-store & on-the-go using any device, anywhere. Use Hike cloud POS system to effectively manage sales, inventory and everything in between.


POS software in the cloud

With our cloud POS software, now you’ve everything you need in your brick and mortar store right through our iPad app. Hike is designed to help you sell more and deliver great customer service. Being on cloud, it also reduce your costs at the same time. Hike is your complete retail management software in the cloud with sales, purchases and everything in between.

1 to 100+ stores

Hike provides with tools to help you grow your business.  Even more important, Hike cloud POS grows with your business. Easily add more outlets and cash registers to your Hike account as and when required.  It’s very simple, activated instantly and being on cloud there are no networking costs. Simply add & activate more locations as your business grows.


Full-sync: sell everywhere

Sell in stores, online and on-the-go. With our cloud based POS software in your retail stores, products, customers and orders are automatically synced between outlets and your online store. You’ll no longer need to keep multiple product records or rely on guesswork when it comes to inventory. Hike keeps track of all transactions and updates tiniest details across all stores, registers & sales channels.

Online, offline  & everywhere

Hike is on cloud and also works offline so you can continue selling even when there is no internet. Your POS register will auto-sync with your store’s when you’re back online.


Cloud POS on-the-go

With our native iPad register app, Hike takes away limitations of the cloud and provides you with a go anywhere cloud-based POS software.

Useful analytics

With all sales channels & retail data available from one platform, gain the transparency you always wanted with your business analytics. Use our central dashboard to review sales, customer or overall business performance. Study your business at a glance or drill down into the outlet level performance reports, its all possible with Hike Cloud POS.


Cloud POS hardware

You can use Hike on any existing iPad, PC or Mac – as simple as that!

In terms of the POS hardware like receipt printers & barcode scanners, Hike supported retail hardware are very easy to setup. Most of these hardware come with plug-n-play for Hike.  You can setup your store hardware yourself in minutes.

In the cloud, on any device.

Hike works on any device. Use iPad, PC or Mac to sell in-store and fire up our iPad register app to sell on-the-go and at events.

Hike Cloud POS on PC

Use Hike POS on any PC computer with a web browser.

Hike Cloud POS on Mac

Use Hike POS on any Mac computer with a web browser.

Hike on Android tablet

Android app coming soon! Hike will soon be available on Google Play!

Extend your Cloud POS with built-in integrations.

Connect your inventory, sales and customer profiles data in real time to a range of powerful business apps. Streamline and automate retail transactions, avoid doing double data entry, save hours of time each day, and sell seamlessly across multiple channels.

Find out more about Hike integrations


It’s in the cloud!

Hike securely stores your data in the cloud. So if your PC or Mac acting as your Hike cash register somehow fails, dies or gets stolen, all you need to do is switch to another computer. That’s right! With Hike cloud POS, we store your important business data securely in the cloud to protect your business against events like computer theft, viruses and breakdown. Your business does not have to stop with your cash register.

Data security in the cloud!

Our cloud infrastructure is hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS), an ISO 27001 certified company. The AWS data centers are secured with biometrics, 24-hour surveillance and 24×7 onsite staff providing additional protection against unauthorized entry. Access to the data center is restricted to data center technicians only.


Getting started with Hike cloud POS is easy

With powerful data import features, rich support articles and 24/7 support, Hike makes it easier to move your business on the cloud.

Add or import

Add or import your products, suppliers and customer profiles easily. Once added, your catalog is available for all outlets. You can customize if specific products are not be visible for specific outlets.

Customize your cloud POS

Hike cloud POS is fully customizable. Set your own currency, time-zone, language and even custom tax rules applicable for your region. Hike even lets you fully customize customer receipt templates.

24/7 support

Hike is very easy to manage and with everything centrally editable, things are going to get a lot easier than they are now. However, if you need help, our support team is here to help you 24/7.

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