How much does it cost to switch to Hike?

Hike offers you the opportunity to try our software free for 14 days. There is no setup cost. Simply start using Hike with a free trial and subscribe to one of the tiered plans when ready.

With tiered pricing model you only pay for what you use depending on your business size. Hike plans start from as low as $49 per month for one outlet. You can downgrade/upgrade your plans at anytime as needed.

Hike is on cloud so do i need constant internet to use my POS?

Most of the Hike’s selling features also works offline so your business does not stop with your internet. You can continue selling even when offline and when you are back online, your data will automatically sync to your cloud. If you have a constantly unreliable internet, we suggest using Hike with our iPad register app.

While selling is possible offline, you’d require internet connection to perform admin tasks such as add new product, stocktake and export your products list.

How long does it take to setup Hike?

Making it simple for you is at the core of everything we do. Getting started with Hike is very easy. Hike is on cloud so sign up and getting started process takes less than a minute. Most of the basic rules such as date formats, currency, tax rates etc. are automatically applied for you depending on your country.

Now, the next and most important step – getting your products on Hike. Creating new products is easy. If you have thousands of products, Hike simplifies it for you with ability to import all your products at once using a CSV file. Your products CSV does not need to be in a Hike specific format. You simply import it in Hike, match data fields and that’s it. If there are any glitches with fields formatting, Hike will let you know. So, the process is very simple in most cases. The only case where it could take a few days is if your CSV import file with thousands of products has formatting issues, has missing fields and needs lots of fixing.

Would Hike be compatible with my existing hardware?

HIKE is compatible with a number of industry standard hardware and chances are that your existing hardware may work just fine. Here is a bit more to explain it in detail…

Hardware compatibility when using Hike on PC or Mac

With Hike cloud version, because your printer connects to your computer and Hike only accesses it through your browser. So, your existing Star Micronics or Epson thermal printer for receipt printing should work just fine. However, as you’d agree, it is not possible for us to test and provide customer support for every printer out there. So, if you are buying a new one, we suggest going with Star Micronics TSP100 or TSP654 series. If any issues with your printer setup, we can help if it is a Star Micronics printer since we have ourselves tested those and have those printer models with us in our office. Similarly, your existing barcode scanner may work just fine as long as it is compatible with your computer and read/convert barcode numbers as texts.

Regarding cash drawers, any cash drawer that is compatible with your printer will just work fine.

Hardware compatibility with Hike iPad register app

Even for iPad, Hike iPad register app works with a number of brand and models including Star Micronics printer and Socket mobile barcode scanner. However, iPad it becomes a bit more selective.

For detailed information on Hike hardware compatibility please visit Hike POS Hardware page where we’ve listed Hike recommended and supported hardware for PC, Mac and iPad.

What type of payment processors does Hike work with ?

Hike let’s you create custom payment types and so you can use any payment processor including your current one. You can also view reports and analytics for each payment type.

Hike also integrates with a number of payment providers. With integrated payment solutions, sale amounts are automatically transferred from Hike to payment device. Hike integrated payments include renowned providers such as Tyro, PayPal Here and Vantiv.

Will Hike work for me on the iPad?

Yes, We have an app for that! Hike iPad register app also works offline. It is also available during our 14-day free trial. Simply register for our trial, download the app and start using it.

Is Hike easy to Setup for a non technical person? Will I face any major issues in migrating data from my old system to Hike?

Hike is designed to make things simpler and that goes for its setup process as well. In our view, Hike offers the easiest setup and data migration process. For example, almost every other POS system offers CSV import, but first you must shuffle your CSV file content to match their import template, leaving room for error. Hike lets you import your .csv format data as is, it also guides you through errors (if any) and let’s you fix any error during the process. Another reason to get started with Hike – test it yourself with our 14-day free trial!

I've thousands of products. Can I migrate existing SKUs & barcode numbers to Hike?

Yes and yes. Hike can support any number of products and you can surely import your existing SKUs and barcodes to Hike.

What third party softwares does Hike integrate with?

Hike integrates with a number of industry leading accounting, eCommerce and marketing software. Here is the list and we’re constantly adding more to it:

QuickBooks, Xero

Big Commerce, Magento 2.0, Shopify, WooCommerce


Does Hike have technicians or resellers who can help us with setup?

Yes. Hike has reseller and technical partners in many countries including Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand and UK. Hike partners include business consultants, hardware resellers, web designers and even accountants. Please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with a right solution partner based on your location and requirement. Cannot find what you were looking for? Checkout our regional content sitemaps here:

Content pages: Australia , Canada , New Zealand , UK , USA

Blog posts: Australia , Canada , New Zealand , UK , USA

Is my data safe in the cloud?

Cloud computing has come a long way and is in fact safer than saving your data on a local computer. E.g.: Hike is on cloud and takes regular backups of your data which again stored safely on a cloud. Let’s say your computer failed to start today (totally hypothetical), you simply login to Hike on a different device and everything is back to normal. On the other hand, if your data were saved locally, it could be lost with the device. Also, Hike does not save any of your or your customers’ financially critical information on its server which provides an added layer of safety in situations like hacking.

Does Hike work for multiple outlets and inventory locations?

Yes, absolutely. Hike is suitable for any number of stores from 1 to 100+. The best part is that you can add/remove outlet locations as required and on a click of a button. Simply start with and only pay for what you need now and add more outlets and registers as business grows.

Can I activate/deactivate additional outlets/registers as needed?

Yes, Hike lets you add or remove registers and outlets as needed with a click of a button – no questions asked. Many of our seasonal & pop-up store users find this to be a very important and easy to use feature on Hike.

Does Hike work in my country? How about currency, tax regulations?

Yes, Hike can be used anywhere. Hike lets you create custom tax rules (and even tax groups), payment types and correct currency symbols are automatically printed based on your region. Also, Hike is multilingual and we are constantly working on adding support for more languages.

Is there a customer support available if i encounter any issues in setup?

Yes, Hike is used around the world and so we cater for all time-zones with our  24/7 customer support.

We at Hike believe our top-notch support is what distinguishes us from our competition. We’re available 24/7 on a live chat line and there are no premium support charges for that, in fact, its absolutely free. You can expect the same user-friendly help even when you’re just trialing Hike on our free 14-day trial.

Why should i switch to Hike, what are the other benefits of switching from my current provided?

There are many benefits of moving to Hike. It could be automation, benefits of moving to cloud, integrations or something else depending on your current store setup and growth plans.

We recommend trying out our software with our 14-day free trial to make an informed decision. The free trial would allow you to know all the benefits Hike offers for your business.

We also welcome feedback from our customers as we are always looking to improve our software features and make it easy for everyone.