A complete retail POS software platform

Hike is a feature rich, retail POS software platform that comes with inventory management, eCommerce, loyalty rewards, retail reporting and everything in-between.

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All-in-one retail POS software

Helping you sell in-store, online and on-the-go, Hike is an all-in-one retail POS sales solution that has been designed with today’s retail stores in mind.

Conduct and manage your business with the one, easy to use system that utilises a centrally located inventory, that gives you less to worry about and more time to spend growing your business.

Designed with small retail stores in mind

Hike retail POS is perfect for most retailers like you

Clothing store

Coffee shop

Food truck

Shoe store

Gift shops

Furniture store


Takeaway POS

Bike shop

Pet store

Vape shop POS

Kiosk POS

Flower shop


Jewelry shop

Franchise POS


Sell from multiple locations

Scaling your business is simple with Hike, where adding new outlets, warehouses or cash registers can be done at the click of a button. The process is quick and easy, and being on the cloud means there are no networking costs. Best of all, Hike lets you track all your store’s data and reports from the one place.


In-sync inventory

With a robust inventory management system, Hike also includes an integrated eCommerce solution that gives you a complete in-sync inventory with your website. Whether you sell in-store or online, your central inventory system is updated automatically.

What’s more is that when you make an in-store sale, customer records and profiles are automatically created, so let your customer buy online without having to create a new profile. Similarly, your loyalty program will be in-sync between both platforms.


Retail POS on any device, Anywhere.

Hike works on any device that has access to a web-browser and internet connection. Don’t be limited to just working behind a counter next to clunky hardware. Hike also has a built-in iPad app, that can be used to access the POS. Streamline your sales process and business operations with a simple, yet fast retail solution.

Hike works on any PC, Mac and tablet.

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Reports & analytics

With all sales channels and retail data available from the one platform, gain the transparency you always wanted with Hike’s intelligent business analytics. Use our central dashboard to review sales, customer profiles or overall business performances. Make better, more informed decisions with our retail POS software.


Retail POS enhances customer engagement

Retail software isn’t just designed to manage the operations of your business. It’s there to help you improve customer experience by providing a POS that’s smart, elegant and most of all fast. Take your sales directly to your customers on the shop floor and enhance your customer service experience with quicker checkout times.


Manage staff access

One of the many features of Hike includes being able to manage your staff, directly from your POS terminal. From administrators to cashiers, Hike give you the control to manage which staff gets access to which parts of the POS, by creating individual accounts for each.

For example, while a manager of the store may get full access to the entire Hike dashboard – able to view things like sales reports, customer profiles – a cashier would only have access to the sales screen. The mobility of Hike means that you can set and change user permissions, as you need them on-the-go.

There are many retail POS software, Why Hike?

Types of retail POS software and reasons why you should choose cloud retail software like Hike.

Your choice in a retail point of sale software is important to the success of your business. Having an intuitive, easy to use retail software means a feeling of flexibility and ease that you can pass on direct to your customers. After all, your retail software is responsible for recording and safekeeping of your shop’s important transactions. You’ll rely on your retail software for everything from orders and inventory management to staff roster records.

Here are some important aspects you should consider before choosing your next retail software system:

What is your business type?

Retail POS software systems are mainly grouped in 2 categories: 1. Hospitality/Restaurant and; 2. Retail. Once you are clear about the type of POS system you need, it eliminates the other options, hence narrowing down your browsing list which makes your decision making a bit easier.

In this article we’ll mainly focus on retail POS software. However, a similar screening process may apply in selecting a hospitality/restaurant POS software.

Retail POS for your business

If we further divide retail software in segments, there are mainly 3 types of retail management software: 1. Traditional POS software, 2. New generation retail POS software and; 3. Omnichannel retail systems.

The omnichannel retail systems like Hike POS are amongst the most advanced and intuitive retail management software. However, please don’t take our word for granted. Herewith we have provided a bit of background story on retail management systems. We hope this evolution story of the retail management software industry will help you in making an informed decision.

Traditional retail POS software

Traditional POS systems are installed on business computers as software packages. In most cases these are windows based computers with retail management software installed on computer’s hard drive, just like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Windows computers. Most of these systems will connect a barcode scanner and receipt printer through a USB port and cash register that connects to your printer.

The traditional POS systems cost thousands of dollars in setup and a considerable amount of maintenance and software licensing costs are incurred on a regular basis. Some of the traditional point of sale software could be used to centrally manage multiple stores. However, this would require a central server setup to create a private network between stores. Obviously, the server will cost additional thousands of dollars in setup, maintenance and licensing costs.

Unfortunately, other than costs, these traditional POS systems also presented many issues and vulnerabilities that SMEs have found overwhelming. For example, software update costs and things like complete data loss if computer breaks.

New generation cloud-based retail POS software

New-generation cloud-based point of sale systems arrived in the market as a revolutionary solution to the problems offered by traditional cash registers and POS systems. Retailers were no longer required to install software on their local computers. Instead, everything ran through a cloud and there was no need for IT maintenance or regular backups. It was all on cloud. Most importantly, multiple stores management was easier and very cost effective.

The cloud-based point of sale solved many limitations of a traditional POS system. However, the positive change also brought its own list of limitations. For example, if internet was lost, the cloud-based point of sale system will stop working. Similarly, retail space was changing at the same time. The brick and mortar shop was not the only way to sell. The online sales are now a more prominent sales channel. Now retailers started demanding a central retail management system that helps them manage sales from all channels.

OmniChannel retail POS systems

Omnichannel retail management software came to the rescue and became the successor of cloud-based POS with ability to manage in-store, online and on-the-go orders using one central system.

Some good Omni-channel POS software like Hike POS also offered ability to work online and offline. So the biggest limitation of a cloud-system, internet dependency, was now overcome. Your point of sale system will continue to process orders even when you are offline and data will sync to the cloud when you are back in your internet zone.

Most new generation Omnichannel retail software systems offer a number of useful new features such as built-in ecommerce, accounting system integration and so on. Please visit our point of sale features page to view a detailed list of features offered by Hike.

Omnichannel POS Software

Hike for retail, service and quick service industry

Hike was born with one objective – to make the sales process easier. It’s a cool objective and the journey to get there was even better!

It all started with retail industry related features. We added a robust inventory and hardware support so that it could become one of the best iPad POS software. Hike seamlessly integrates with retail industry’s best regarded barcode scanner, printer and cash drawers. Our inventory system is robust and intuitive.

The journey further progressed with the idea of making it equally compatible for quick service industry. We looked at some of the renowned existing cloud POS software and realised that there has not been much research in the industry when it comes to POS software. We further expanded Hike POS compatibility and features by adding bump screen for parked sales. With this, as soon as a sale is processed at the counter, kitchen can see the order in the queue. It is a feature that you normally see in enterprise grade point of sale software placed in large fast food chains like McDonalds and Subway. It was great to be one of the first – if not the first – to be able to introduce such a cool feature for small restaurants and coffee shops.

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