Takeaway POS

The quick service industry has never been easier, with Hike’s easy-to-use, feature heavy Takeaway POS, designed to give you faster and more streamlined sales.

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Streamlined Takeaway POS

If you run a takeaway store, you’ll no doubt know and value the meaning of speed and accuracy.

Hike does too, and that’s why we’ve designed a takeaway POS that’s here to help you streamline that process exponentially. Don’t be overrun by long waiting times, during peak periods. Hike give you an intuitive, smart touchscreen POS that is sure to give your business a ‘hike’ in takeaway sales.


Online takeaway orders

Bringing your takeaway store online is an essential part of the modern food and beverage industry, and Hike caters specifically to that need. Your customers will be able to place orders online, and pick up by the time they reach your store. Reduce lengthy waiting periods during your peak hours by having your kitchen team process online orders on-the-go.


Takeaway POS that accept all payment types

Being able to accept all payments types for your takeaway store brings you a clear advantage, and Hike integrates with leading payment processors worldwide including PayPal, Tyro, iZettle and Vantiv. Create custom payment types, so that you can choose to work with your existing merchant service provider or even take gift cards and loyalty point payments.

tablet POS software

More options for your food items

More is often seen as being better, especially when it comes to food, and Hike’s has made adding extra options to your food products as easy a few clicks. Add a 50 cent option for extra cheese to your kebabs, that your cashiers will see during the sales screen. Seamlessly improve your sales process, benefiting not only your staff, but your customers too.

tablet pos software

Takeaway POS for quicker, smarter business decisions

As an all-in-one retail solution, Hike is a brilliant vessel to access how well your store is doing. From sales charts to inventory reports and even access to how well your staff is doing, Hike gives you the information you need, all accessible with our takeaway POS system. Access real-time information with just a few clicks (or taps!) and make smarter decisions for your business.


Scale your takeaway business

If you’re a pop-up store at a music festival or looking to add more takeaway outlets, Hike is perfect for you. As a cloud-based solution for your takeaway needs, expanding your point of sale alongside your own business growth is an effortless experience. From transferring stock from store to store, to managing your staff across multiple locations, scale your business as you see fit.

In the cloud, on any device.

Hike works on any device. Use iPad, PC or Mac to sell in-store and fire up our iPad register app to sell on-the-go and at events.

Hike Cloud POS on PC

Use Hike POS on any PC computer with a web browser.

Hike Cloud POS on Mac

Use Hike POS on any Mac computer with a web browser.

Hike iPad app

Access Hike on iPad using our native iPad POS register app. 

Hike on Android tablet

Android app coming soon! Hike will soon be available on Google Play!

Start, run & grow your business with Hike

The all-in-one retail platform with everything you need

Any device

Use Hike on iPad, PC or Mac. Use it on device that suits your store setup and counter size.


Sell in-store, on-the-go and even access it from home – Hike is on cloud and accessible from anywhere.

Works offline

Continue selling even when offline. Your POS works both online & offline. No internet dependency!

Robust inventory using your Takeaway POS

Easily create and manage your product details with variant level inventory tracking.

Multiple payment types

Accept cash, card, gift cards or sell ‘on account’. Hike works with leading payment providers globally.

Deals, loyalty, gift cards in your Takeaway POS

Grow your business with customer-centric features like special deals, gift cards and loyalty program.

Getting started with Hike is very easy

With powerful data import features, rich support articles and 24/7 support, Hike makes it easier.

Import your data

You can upload all existing products & customers data in one go with our intuitive DIY data import feature.

Customize your Takeaway POS

Hike is fully customizable and lets you set your currency, time-zone, tax-rules & even language settings

24/7 Support

If you get stuck, our 24/7 support team is here to help - We'll respond promptly even if you are not our paid customer yet.

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