Customer management

Detailed customer analytics on a click

Central customer database

Customer profiles

Hike automatically create easy to read customer profile for every customer you add to the system. Easily find out customer visit frequency, average spend, loyalty points accrual and more.

Central records

Forget about managing multiple customer list. Whether you sell in-store, online or on-the-go, all your customer records and purchase history are stored in one system.

Well, it’s equally easy for your customers too. Now your in-store customers can  login to your website and buy online with the same customer profile.


Put your data to work

Email marketing

With built-in MailChimp integration, run targeted email campaigns based on customer demographics and preferences. Avoid the common mistake of alienating your customers with irrelevant or overly frequent emails.


You can import or export customer database to and from Hike POS at anytime.

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