Retail Point of Sale

On cloud, any device, in-store and on-the-go.


Point of sale

Any device

Hike is a web-based point of sale system you can use on any computer or a device. We even have an iPad app that lets retailers sell on-the-go. Learn more about Hike iPad POS register

Online and offline

Hike is a cloud-based platform that also works offline. All offline transactions are automatically synced with your store’s cloud once you are back online. Hike gives you the convenience of offline transactions and data security of cloud storage at the same time.

Process orders in seconds

With an integrated barcode scanner, an intuitive search engine and easy product tap features, finding the product you want is simple. Tap, scan or search – it’s that easy.

Attach notes to orders

Keep track of requests and let staff know of any special details about an order. Serve better, worry less.


Partial payments, Parked orders

Hike lets you record partial payments and park orders. Perfect for food takeout orders, on-the-go sales and online orders that require lengthy processing time.

Lay-by & ‘on account’ sales.

It’s easy to apply discounts, process returns or issue refunds for faulty products. Make shopping easier and more enjoyable, enhancing your customer service experience.

Process discounts and returns

It’s easy to apply discounts, process returns or issue refunds for faulty products. Make shopping easier and more enjoyable, enhancing your customer service experience.

Tax rates

Use as many or as few tax rates settings as needed. This is especially helpful if you run multiple stores in different tax regions.

POS payment


Payment types

Accept all payments including cash, cheque, debit cards, credit cards, gift cards and even loyalty points. You can even create custom payment types so that you can accept any and all in-store payments.

Integrated payments

We offer seamless integration with renowned payment processors globally. These include Vantiv payments in the USA, Tyro and PayPal in Australia and iZettle in the UK.

Returns & store credits

Issue store credits on returns. Use the store credit as a payment type for future transactions.

Customer engagement

Email and printed receipts

Give your customers the choice of email or printed receipts. Hey, go green!

Receipt is a customer engagement tool!

Your social media links are included on your email receipts so that you can engage with your customers even after they’ve left the store.

Similarly, both printed and emailed receipts can feature custom messages. Perfect for that holiday greeting or even to offer loyalty discounts to keep them coming back!


Shift reports & analytics

Cash management

Reduce errors and thefts with advanced cash management. Keep log of all incoming and outgoing cash.

Shift report

Our comprehensive shift reports will allow you to view daily totals, payments by type and analyze expected vs actual reported amounts with an ability to drill-down to a specific transaction.

Transaction logs

Hike logs every transaction so you can see which transactions were created and by whom. This is useful not only for verification purposes but also helps you measure your team’s performance.

Click here for detailed information on Hike reporting features.

Cash register hardware

Hike works with renowned & widely-used retail counter hardware brands such as Star Micronics, Epson, Socket Mobile and even Apple. Hike’s plug-n-play hardware list include:

  • Receipt printers (Bluetooth, LAN & USB)
  • Barcode scanners
  • Cash drawers
  • Payment devices

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