POS sales reporting and more

Real-time reporting to help you navigate your business


Powerful analytics


Get instant analytics on your sales, products and employee performance with our intuitive dashboard analytics. View all of your important store information in one place.

24/7 real-time information

Review accurate, up-to-date information about your stores from anywhere and at any time.

Growth oriented

Know your customers

Make precision business decisions with Hike’s intelligent analytics on your customers profiles.

Make informed decisions and see if anything needs to be changed. Find out important things like what’s the gender ratio in your store and majority age group. You could use this information for various important things from email marketing to product choices and even store design.

Performance reports

Sales reports

View and analyze your sales data by day, week, month or even a custom date range.

Product analytics

See your best performing product and get a better insights into your inventory movement.

Employee performance

Find out who your star employees are.

Shift reports

Generate and print shift report with closure of each shift with actual and reported totals.

Category reports

Find out which product categories are performing better compared to others.

Useful information, not just some data

Easy to understand is the key

We’ve designed all these reports with care to make sure that you get all the insights you need to help you understand your business better. Most importantly, making it easier to read these reports has remained our prime focus.

Create custom reports

Apply filters to create customized reports, set frequency and forget about it. Hike will automatically email you this report at the frequency set by you.

Set monitoring triggers

Assign monitoring triggers for particular scenarios and receive instant notifications when the scenario is triggered.

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