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Streamline your in-store and online shopping experience

Empower your business with a robust retail solution, enhanced by powerful eCommerce integration with WooCommerce.

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The ultimate in point of sale and ecommerce retail solutions. Designed for you.

Revolutionize the way you sell with Hike + WooCommerce POS: taking full advantage of brilliant in-store point of sale performance with a potent online sales channel for your eCommerce needs. Hike seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, giving you complete access to all your customers, stock, and purchase orders.

Control and manage every aspect of your business, from an all-in-one retail POS solution that gives you real-time information enabling you to make smarter, quicker business decisions.

Hike + WooCommerce feature list

Everything you need to run and scale your business across multiple sales channels.


Seamless inventory integration

All stock movements – a new sale or otherwise – are synced automatically to your inventory in real time.

Online inventory sync

Select the inventory you want to appear on your online store, whether that’s your entire range of products or select products from your outlets.

Sync orders between platforms

Any orders placed in WooCommerce will be immediately synced to Hike, and vice versa. Never lose sight of your sale transaction or inventory count, with our full integration.

Robust product management

Manage your products across all sales channels, with Hike’s inventory management system that makes adding, editing and deleting easy. No more double entry.

Quick importing

Import your business’s entire product catalogue into Hike, in no time at all. All your products will be synced automatically to Hike in real-time.

Customer profiles

Orders placed on WooCommerce will automatically be given new accounts with Hike, that links their entire purchase history.

Intelligent reports

All analytics of your store are synced with online and offline operations of your store. Make smarter business decisions with sales reports, inventory counts and even staff performance.

Choose Hike as your WooCommerce POS to increase your productivity and enhance your customer engagement.

Sell across all sales channels

Whether you’re selling in-store, online or on-the-go, setup a complete all-in-one retail solution that works on any device.

Control all operations

Your POS gives you complete control to manage efficiently the day-to-day operations of your store.

Intelligent analytics

Make quicker, smarter decisions for your store by getting real-time information on your sales reports, inventory counts and even staff performance.

1 to 100+ stores

Add new location outlets and cash registers in just a few clicks, making scaling your business easy

Easy to get started

Our support guides area designed to make you a Hike pro it no time. Hike’s live chat service is here to help you 24/7
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Open up your store to in-store and online selling in just three easy steps


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2. Link WooCommerce to Hike POS

Connect your existing WooCommerce profile to Hike, or create a new one!


3. Import your inventory

Sync all your products from WooCommerce and Hike in single click. Now you’re ready to sell.

Ready to get started?

If you’re already a Hike and WooCommerce user, simply login to Hike, go to integrations and connect WooCommerce. If you’re a new user get started with a free trial!


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