Grow your retail sales with gift cards

Embrace gift cards to expand your store’s ability to attract new customers and keep your old ones engaged.

gift cards

Attract new customers

It’s no surprise that gift-cards are a popular item when it comes to birthdays and celebrations. So much so that you’d almost be doing your business a disservice if you didn’t provide them to your customers. Which is why Hike has made it easy for retailers to start selling gift-cards. Get started with gift-cards by simply enabling the option on your Dashboard.

Built-in gift cards feature

Gift cards are seamlessly built-in into your Hike POS, making it easy to sell to your customers. Issue gift-cards, and when a customer comes into your store to redeem a product with it, simply scan the barcode using your barcode scanner, to complete the transaction. Even create custom payment types, to mix n match different cards.

gift cards
gift cards

Track transactions with gift card reporting

Hike’s robust reporting features means that retailers can easily identify gift-card sales on their Hike Dashboard. Customizing your reports to show gift card sales can give businesses important insight into how gift cards are being used in-store and online, as well as help identifying all gift cards currently in use and their outstanding balances.

Targeted marketing with gift-cards

With Hike, your customer directory is updated as more customers purchase and redeem your gift-cards. Because of this and Hike’s integration with apps such as MailChimp, you can set targeted messages to your customers to promote special events like birthdays, anniversaries or just the latest offers. Build your customer database and increase brand loyalty with Hike.

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In-store and online

Launch a complete gifting program. Sell eGift cards online and plastic gift cards in your store.

Boost sales

Let customers gift from anywhere and introduce your business to their friends and family.

Built-in feature

Gift cards work seamlessly with your Hike point of sale and your Hike Dashboard.

Smart tracking

Get valuable sales insights and consolidate all your tracking and reporting in one place.

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